Android 10 For Moto Z3 Play

moto z3 play

Finally, Moto Z3 Play smartphone is caught by Android 10 radar and is considered to get all the official features of Android 10. But how will it be possible as there will be no Android 10 OTA update for this beast? So, we have a quite satisfying answer as in the case of Moto Z3 play, we will not rely on the official Android 10 OTA update. In this post, we will guide you on how to install and experience the latest Android 10 features on Moto Z3 Play.

How To Easily Cast Android Screen To TV Without Chromecast


A Chromecast is a very popular device around the World that lets you stream your content available on your computer or mobile on your TV. It includes a broad functionality for platforms like Netflix, youtube, etc. But there is also another way of mirroring your Android device to your TV without a Chromecast dongle. How is it possible? Yes, it is we will show you in an easy way to mirror your Android smartphone to your TV simply.

Guide on How To Change Chromecast Resolution Settings

chromecast dongle

Many peoples have an issue regarding the video quality they stream on TV via Chromecast dongle and they are unable to cope with this issue. In this detailed guide, we will help you with how to access the resolution settings and change them accordingly. Not only that, but we will also provide some hidden information regarding Chromecast dongle.

Guide on How To Fix issue Regarding Chromecast “Something Went Wrong” Error

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While trying to set up the Chromecast device, the error message that displays and being reported by many users so far is connecting issues with WiFi and comes back with a message “Something Went Wrong”. So, don’t worry about this error as we will discuss and provide you the best solutions for that particular problem you are facing.

How To Fix Chromecast Startup issues Yellow Exclamation [Simple Guide]

chromecast dongle

Chromecast is a very broad functionality device that allows you to do many things and involves several devices like TV, Router and smartphones and plays an important role kind of a bridge among those devices. So, you need to make sure that every device involved in that engagement should be cooperative with Chromecast dongle according to its functions.

Android 10 Stable Update For Motorola Moto Z4 [All Variants]

Moto Z4

In the World of Android, Update of Android Aka 10 is on the top trending nowadays. These days, everyone top priority is to bought the phone with Android 10 by-default installed on it or the ones who are hanging with their old smartphones are waiting to receive the official Android 10 OTA update.

Huawei Paid Themes Free Download [Premium Guide]


Let’s get started with a premium guide that will brought a smile on your face if you are a theme lover and want some sort of change time to time. Its the nature of human being getting bored from a particular environment in some time. In the end everyone wants some change. So, here is the change with some trick we are providing you in this guide.